6 Month Trial Preferred Customer Membership With Up To 25% Discounts

Here's What You Get For Just $10...

  • A 6 month trial preferred customer membership (as you can see here AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program).
  • The ability to order all the oil and filters you need at up to 25% less than regular retail prices. (with no minimum or maximums)
  • The "Starter Pack" of catalogs, price sheets, and color comparison charts with your specific on line ordering and toll free ordering instructions.
  • World class technical support to answer your questions on what oil and filters to use on your cars, trucks, ATVs, boats, and power equipment.
  • Order support and technical support from myself a Licensed Mechanical Engineer

Just fill out the quick form here and we will rush your account number and package out to you in the mail.  And please know we have great respect for your privacy...

AMSOIL Preferred Customer Registration

Years ago I found AMSOIL on the Internet and I ordered an information kit online and I received a package in the mail that answered my questions and helped me choose the best oil for my vehicles... and I want the same for you.

Now you can do that directly from the AMSOIL website.

I have 100% confidence that AMSOIL is going to give you the best engine protection available while saving you money.  I know that after you put AMSOIL in your engine the confidence you have that your engine is protected you will be so pleased that you will never look back. 

AMSOIL is the best way to get started reducing your engine oil sludge risk, reducing engine wear and improving your horsepower over the next 20 years.

AMSOIL Preferred Customer Registration

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