Protect The Turbo In Your Ford Powerstroke Turbo Diesel With AMSOIL's New Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Your Powerstroke Turbo spins in excess of 100,000 rpms and is subjected to the most extreme temperature differentials in your Turbo Diesel. 

On one side of your turbo you have cool intake air compressing into the engine which is driven by searing high temperature exhaust gas on the other side.  These high thermal stresses are tough on turbo parts and even tougher on the oil.

Your diesel oil has to work twice as hard to protect a high temperature turbo rotor which is spinning nearly ten times faster than the diesel engine itself. 

At the same time your diesel engine is producing soot that wants to clog and foul up your diesel motor oils ability to protect the turbo and the rest of the engine. 

These extreme conditions require extreme protection and that's were AMSOIL's new synthetic diesel oil excels in protecting in older and new Ford Powerstroke diesel engines.

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