Scientist’s Secret Formula That Unclogs Dirty Fuel Injectors and Boosts Miles Per Gallon Instantly 

How AMSOIL P.i. Can Resuscitate Your Vehicle's Engine

Dubbed the most powerful, un-deluded injector cleaner on the market. AMSOIL P.i. boost fuel efficiency by up to 5.7% and makes your car drive like new.

In addition to the resulting boost in horsepower and miles per gallon it smooths out rough engine idle and gives your engine improved acceleration.

You may be asking yourself "How can I get some of this miracle fluid for myself?" Keep reading to find out, but first let’s take a peek inside your engine.

Gas is dirty, that's a fact. The build-up of crud in your engine grows daily, and the more it grows the more your engine suffers. Your engine gradually loses power, acceleration and fuel economy, eventually this will result in expensive repairs and precious time wasted at the dealership.

As you may guess, a vehicle's engine preforms best when it is new. As the engine ages, its performance suffers dues to build up off gasoline deposits on the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber.

This occurs after the engine has been shut down and there is no gasoline flowing through the injectors.

During this hot soak period, the injectors heat up and the gasoline remaining in the injectors quickly degrades and forms deposits. This can happen very easily with the use of poor quality gasoline and short trip driving.

Because the diameter of the injectors are extremely small and injectors must deliver precise amounts of fuel, even small amounts of deposits can cause injectors to malfunction. Fuel flow is reduced, and spray patterns are disrupted, decreasing engine efficiency, power and fuel economy, while increasing exhaust emissions.

Additives are required to control deposit formation.

However, today's fuels do not contain enough additives or even high-quality additives at that.

Deposits on the fuel system result in the following: Fewer horsepower, lower fuel economy and poor throttle response. It also results in poor drivability: surging, hesitation, stalling, rough idle Engine knocking and difficult starts.

AMSOIL P.i. is the most potent gasoline additive available on the market today. It is a concentrated detergent, and is unsurpassed in cleaning combustion chamber deposits, intake valve deposits and port fuel injector deposits.

AMSOIL P.i. helps maintain peak engine efficiency, fuel economy, power and drivability in newer low mileage engines.

Engines with accumulated deposits, testing showed AMSOIL P.i. provided the following clean-up benefits after only one tank of gasoline: Improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3% and up to 5.7%. Reduced emissions hydrocarbons up to 15% carbon monoxide up to 26% nitrous oxides up to 17%.

It also restored power and performance, reduced the need for costly higher-octane fuel, reduced noise from carbon rap and pre-ignition and made for better drivability and smoother operation.

Other "cleaners" may claim a larger boost in miles per gallon and horsepower but all that is gone as soon as your tank is empty, leaving your engine no cleaner than before.

On the other hand AMSOIL P.i. completely cleans your injectors and even when it's gone the performance stays.

AMSOIL P.i. also works as an emissions passer. It is ideal for use prior to emissions inspections.

AMSOIL P.i. is great for any kind of vehicle from high-performance muscle cars, to every day drivers, even diesel trucks or off-road vehicles. 

Get some here: AMSOIL P.i.

AMSOIL Quickshot is a specially formulated version of P.i. for smaller engines such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, lawnmowers and even smaller 2-stroke engines.

Get some here: AMOSIL Quickshot

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