Synthetic European Vehicle Oil Protects Your Vehicle Engine

As the American automotive market sees more European vehicles, the difference in engine design puts pressure on American lubricant manufacturers to provide motor oils that meet higher standards for engine protection.

European automobile manufacturers design vehicles to use specific high quality lubricants with specific properties and additives. Most motor oils offered in America do not meet the demanding specifications, and the European lubricants are not readily available. As a result, problems such as premature wear and engine sludge develop.

While the American Petroleum Institute (API) sets oil standards in America, the Automotive Manufacturers Association (ACEA) sets them in Europe. Not only are the European association standards more complex, manufacturers set even higher standards than the ACEA requirements.

In the U.S., the API adopts one minimum standard for all engine oils. European standards apply to each type of application – gas, diesel, turbo, etc. Therefore, European aftermarket service stations must stock different lubricants for different automobile brands.

The high quality oils used in Europe allow longer drain intervals. However, when European vehicles are exported to the United States, the concept becomes distorted. A class-action lawsuit by owners of certain 1998 through 2001 Mercedes-Benz vehicles claimed they weren’t informed synthetic motor oil was required in order to take advantage of the extended drain intervals afforded through the use of the vehicles’ Flexible Service System (FSS). Many using conventional oils experienced premature wear problems, and the settlement will cost the company more than $32 million. Although synthetic motor oils are generally of higher quality than conventional oils, not all synthetics can meet the stringent European specifications.

Formulated with top-of-the-line synthetic base stocks and robust additive packages, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils provide superior protection and performance over competing synthetic and conventional motor oils and meet the most stringent European oil specifications. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils provide superior protection and performance in foreign and domestic automobiles.

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