Use Diesel Synthetic Oil To Protect Your Turbo Diesel Engine

If your looking for information on diesel synthetic oil for your Cummins, Duramax, Power Stroke or smaller turbo diesel engine then this in the most important information you will find on the internet.

Here's why:

Your diesel oil is what protects your engine from damage like a seized turbo and decreased cylinder compression while preserving long term power output and fuel economy.

The most important components of a diesel synthetic oil are the base stock and the additive package because you don't want your oil to cook off in high temperature regions of the engine (like the turbo on shutdown) and you need additives like dispersants to keep the soot that accumulates in the oil from bunching up and causing damage.

There are some myths out there that are just untrue. Changing your oil frequently will make your diesel engine oil last longer right?  Wrong…  you are likely just wasting you money if you are using a quality synthetic like AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil.  

Oil is inside your diesel engine protecting from acid attack corrosion by absorbing the acids formed in diesel fuel combustion process.  Your acid protection is used up when the TBN number drops dramatically and the additives that neutralize the acids are depleted.  The easiest way to check this is by pulling an oil sample and sending it to a lab for analysis.  Far simpler and easier is to follow the recommendation on the bottle of synthetic diesel oil.  For decades the 15,000 mile oil change intervals have been normal for many of the AMSOIL diesel synthetic oils.

Now you can run AMSOIL diesel oil for 3X the OEM recommended intervals in most applications. 

Thick oil is better for your engine than thin oil right?  Wrong… thick oil will not protect your engine any better than the viscosity your engine was designed for.  Engines are built with much more precision than they were 50 years ago and are now designed and manufactured to handle lighter viscosity oil to reduce friction and improve fuel economy.  Use the weight diesel synthetic oil that is called for in your operating manual.

Synthetic oils are not any better than mineral oils right?  Wrong again… synthetic base stocks naturally perform better at temperature extremes and need fewer additives to protect the breakdown of the base stock.  Whoever said mineral oils are as good as synthetics had no clue how hot it gets inside a turbo when you shut the engine off.

If you would like to learn more about AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils and the easiest places to get AMSOIL the go here:

Where can I Buy AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil

Synthetic Diesel Oil Market Trends

Oil shortages and high gasoline prices in the 1970s piqued consumer interest in diesel passenger vehicles. Sales flourished, but quickly fell as motorists found them to be unreliable, underpowered, loud and smelly. Interest in diesel vehicles in the U.S. has remained low, with diesels accounting for less than one percent of car sales in 2002. However, automakers are now set to launch new fleets of diesel vehicles, hoping Americans will give them another chance.

Diesel technology has come a long way since the 1970s. Clean, quiet and powerful diesel models in Europe have captured a 40 percent market share. Demand is so high that some American auto companies manufacture and ship diesel-powered vehicles overseas. They soon hope to be selling Americans on this clean diesel technology, which offers 30 to 40 percent improved fuel efficiency over gasolinepowered vehicles.

DiamlerChrysler plans to introduce diesel-powered Jeep Liberty models and a Mercedes E-Class sedan in the near future. The diesel-powered Liberty will cost around $2,000 more than its gasoline counterpart, but with an average 25 mpg fuel economy versus 18 mpg for the gasoline model, the price difference can be made up in about five years. Volkswagen, BMW, Ford and General Motors all plan to add new models to their diesel lineups as well.

Federal rules require auto manufacturers to meet corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) requirements of 27.5 mpg for cars and 20.7 mpg for SUVs and pickups. Automakers hope fuel-efficient diesel models will help to offset the low fuel economy ratings of some of their sport utility vehicles and large pickup trucks.

The renewed interest in diesel engines is linked to an intense competition within the auto industry to create an alternative to the gasoline engine that will be popular with motorists, reduce dependence on foreign oil and satisfy strict pollution requirements. Fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles, incorporating a gasoline engine and an electric motor, are another option that the industry has been experimenting with.

Diesel vehicles face barriers in California, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont, five states which have enacted emission standards stricter than the federal government’s. It is uncertain whether diesels will be immediately available in those states. However, auto manufacturers are confident all 50 states will be offering diesels by 2006, the year federally mandated clean diesel fuel hits the market.

AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils provide unmatched fuel economy benefits, as well as the ultimate in wear protection for extended drain intervals. In fact, independent laboratory testing reveals that AMSOIL Series 3000 Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Oil, combined with AMSOIL lubricants in the drivetrain, provides up to 8.2 percent improved fuel economy. 

Where can I buy AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil 

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