Hybrid Synthetic Oil Formulated For Maximum Performance in Your Hybrid Vehicle

The price of gasoline has been a hot topic for some time now. Consumers are making changes to adjust to high fuel prices, including using public transportation, moving to shorten the daily commute and the use of alternative-fuel vehicles. Diesels, hybrids and flex-fuel vehicles are rapidly becoming commonplace on today’s highways. All of these alternatives to gasoline-powered rides have obvious advantages and some disadvantages.

Hybrids have an electric motor along with a traditional gas engine. They save fuel by engaging the electric motor at certain times and only running on gas when necessary. Hybrids use considerably less fuel, but sticker prices average about $3,000 more than gas-only vehicles, cutting into the savings.

Diesels are also gaining steam in the American market. According to R.L. Polk, registration of diesel-powered passenger vehicles has gone up 80 percent since 2000. While diesel fuel can cost more at the pump, it gets 20 to 40 percent better fuel efficiency than gasoline. Biodiesel offers an even less costly alternative, but also provides another set of issues such as availability and engine compatibility. There aren’t many diesel-powered cars on the American market right now, making options limited for consumers opting for the diesel alternative.

Flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV) have the ability to run on E85 or regular gasoline. E85 is a blend of 85 percent corn-based ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. According to USAToday, there are already about five million flex-fuel vehicles on the road today, and automakers and corn farmers alike are pushing the use of FFVs as an alternative to gas-powered vehicles. Some of the problems facing E85 users include that ethanol is less efficient than gas and there are only about 600 stations with E85 nationwide, most of which are in the Midwest.

No matter which type of vehicle is chosen, AMSOIL has compatible products that provide the finest protection possible. AMSOIL diesel oils are biodiesel compatible, and AMSOIL fuel additives are specially formulated to improve the performance of today’s modern eco-friendly fuels. AMSOIL motor oils aid in protecting the environment and consumer pocketbooks by promoting extended drain intervals and products that improve vehicle performance and efficiency.

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