AMSOIL Hydraulic Oil - Synthetic Multi Viscosity Hydraulic Oil

Minimize hydraulic pump wear and reduce varnish formation with Amsoil hydraulic oil.  AMSOIL hydraulic fluids provide all season protection in all types of hydraulic systems. 

Varnish Will Make Your Valves Stick and Plug Hydraulic Oil Filters

High temperatures in your hydraulic system will cause varnish to form.  Varnish starts off as a soft and sticky substance but then hardens into a veneer that causes excessive wear and reduces performance in your hydraulic systems. 

When significant amounts of varnish form it can mean stuck valves and vane pump damage as varnish particles break free and travel through the system before the filter picks them up.

AMSOIL hydraulic oil is fortified with anti-varnish additives that react in the oil to prevent varnish from ever forming helping your hydraulic system stay clean.  Clean hydraulic systems perform better and last longer.

80-90% of hydraulic pump failures and hydraulic system problems are related to hydraulic oil contamination.  Keeping your system clean by minimizing varnish is very important.

Zinc Type Anti Wear Additives To Reduce Vane Pump Wear 

AMSOIL hydraulic oil is a synthetic multi-viscosity oil with a shear stable formula that includes a zinc type anti-wear additives.  This provides excellent wear protection while meeting the viscosity retention requirements of Parker Hannifin HF-0.

AMSOIL Synthetic Hydraulic Oil Applications 

AMSOIL is available for ISO 22, ISO 32, ISO 46, and ISO 68 viscosity grades.  To find which fluids match the following specification's please go to our application guide:

Parker Hannifin (Denison) HF-0, HF-1, HF-2

Vickers I-286-S, M-2950-S

DIN 51524 Parts 2 & 3

Cincinnati Milacron P-68

Cincinnati Milacron P-70

Cincinnati Milacron P-69

Clean Hydraulic Oil Will Prevent 90% of Hydraulic System Problems

Be sure and keep your oil clean.  Beyond using the correct oil for the application the most common reasons for premature hydraulic pump failures are due to improper system flushing, improper filter maintenance intervals, improper oil change intervals, and not replacing oil with new oil that has been filtered properly.

How to Order Amsoil

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