Stop Limited Slip Differential Chatter with Slip Lock and AMSOIL Gear Lube

What makes a limited slip differential chatter? To fully understand what can cause limited slip differential chatter or another limited slip differential problem, it is helpful to understand a little about differentials in general and limited slip differentials in particular.

When making a turn, the outer wheels of a vehicle must travel faster than the inner wheels. It is up to the differential to act as a balance arm, establishing constant equilibrium of torques and forces between the left-hand and right-hand driven wheels.

In standard (or open) differentials, power is directed to the wheel offering the least resistance. This works well when making a turn, but in a situation where one wheel is lifted off the ground, it causes the suspended wheel to turn while the other remains motionless.

Limited-slip (or positraction) and locking differentials are traction-increasing devices. Locking differentials transfer all available torque to both wheels. The teeth of the spider assembly engage with those on the locker clutch, causing both axle shafts to operate as one.

Locking differentials don’t allow one drive wheel to spin while the other remains stationary. Instead, they keep both wheels in drive mode, but unlock to permit different wheel speeds when turning.

The engaging and disengaging of the teeth on automatic locking differentials often causes a banging and clunking sound. Manual locking differentials usually use an electric motor or vacuum diaphragm to engage the locker, reducing this noise.

Limited-slip differentials allow different wheel speeds when turning, but when one wheel loses traction, greater torque is transferred to the wheel offering more resistance. Limited-slip differentials make use of friction between clutch plates, as opposed to the meshing teeth employed by locking differentials.

Transferring less torque per side, limited-slip differentials are generally smoother and quieter than locking differentials, but still sometimes “chatter” when transferring torque to the wheel with traction. This is the limited slip differential chatter that you may have experienced.

In some applications, a friction modifier additive is necessary to reduce limited slip differential chatter. AMSOIL Slip-Lock Differential Additive is formulated with advanced friction modifiers and is designed to eliminate gear-housing chatter in cars, trucks and SUVs equipped with limited-slip, positraction and locking differentials. It also reduces the banging and clunking associated with automatic locking differentials.

AMSOIL Slip-Lock Differential Additive is formulated for use with both synthetic and petroleum gear lubricants and safely replaces manufacturer recommended friction modifiers. Its convenient flip-top dispenser provides quick and easy application to the gear housing. One four-ounce bottle of Slip-Lock treats differential capacities of two to four quarts. It is not for use in automatic transmissions or other applications requiring ATF.

NOTE: AMSOIL Synthetic Gear Lubes do not require the use of this additive. However, not all differentials respond the same and if chatter is noticed, the addition of AMSOIL Slip-Lock will eliminate it. For differentials not running AMSOIL Gear Lube, Slip-Lock is an excellent solution to the limited slip differential chatter problem.

Slip-Lock additive or any AMSOIL Gear Lube can eliminate your limited slip differential chatter. AMSOIL Gear Lube can also help increase your gas mileage by 1 to 5%, which makes it a smart purchase when gas prices are so high.

Paul Hillar of Freemont, CA
He drives a 1977 Ford Bronco with a C-6 transmission and a 31-spline Detroit locker nine inch rearend. Hillar rebuilt the engine, which is no longer stock, in 2003.

“I immediately noticed a 30°F drop in engine and tranny temperature,” said Hillar.

Hillar said the rebuilt engine runs smoother with AMSOIL and the transmission shifts great. He drained the old petroleum-based oil out of the rear-end as it was hard to turn. Hillar said after he put AMSOIL Synthetic Gear Lube in the Bronco’s rear-end it was easy to turn with one hand and it locked with ease.

“When driving you can really feel the power difference,” said Hillar. “When four-wheeling it locks up with ease and I get absolutely no chatter from the locker.”

Lyle Reinier, Mesa, AZ
Reinier drives a 2004 Dodge Ram. He uses AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-30 in the engine, AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid in the transmission and 80W-140 Long Life Gear Lube.

“AMSOIL has given this truck life that it was hiding before,” said Reinier. Reinier said the Ram now pulls stronger and runs smoother than it did before. He made the switch to AMSOIL when the truck hit the 3,000-mile mark. “What comes as a surprise to me is that my Dodge dealer had no problem doing a complete drain and fill with AMSOIL,” said Reinier.

Reinier said the dealer removed all the Dodge transmission fluid and refilled the truck with AMSOIL ATF. “Within a mile or two I could feel the transmission was smoother and showed a difference in how it performed,” said Reinier.

Guy Keast, Rantoul, KS
"I had heard a lot of good things about AMSOIL motorcycle oil used in Harley Davidsons, so I decided to try it out in my 2001 Heritage Softail with the Evolution Series Twin Cam Engine. I noticed right away that the top end of the engine quieted down and on the hot days I run 12-15 degrees cooler than all the guys I’m riding with. I don’t sell AMSOIL, but I recommend it after the improvement it made in my Bike."

Ted Pickul, Sarasota, FL
Pickul drives a 1992 Geo Prizm with unusually high miles. As of February 2005 the Prizm had over 362,000 miles on only 15 oil changes and 31 filter changes. Pickul credits AMSOIL products with extending the life of his car’s engine.

Pickul bought the Prizm new in June of 1992 and after 3,000 miles, converted it to AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. Pickul also installed an AMSOIL 2-Stage Air Filter.

“In November 2003 with 329,000 miles on the engine, I drove the car from Sarasota, Fla., to Carbondale, Ill., without stopping,” said Pickul. “The 13-hour trip was a true tribute to the AMSOILization of this vehicle.”

The Prizm has a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine that has had no major problems. The valve cover was removed at 360,000 miles and it was exceptionally clean.

Eric Pool, Kansas City, Mo
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that before I changed my oil I checked the average miles per gallon on my wife's Pontiac Montana via the on board computer and she was getting 18.1 miles per gallon. I then changed her oil to AMSOIL and installed the AMSOIL air filter and just let her continue driving it. I checked it about 3 months later and her average miles per gallon had risen to 21.1. So she gained 3 miles per gallon switching to AMSOIL.

Where can I buy AMSOIL oil

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