Ordering Synthetic Motor Oil is Easy - Here's How You Can Get Synthetic Motor Oil

This synthetic motor oil is sold through network marketing, but that does not mean it is difficult to get. Ordering is typically done directly from the headquarters using phone or internet (or your servicing dealer!), and your order is shipped to your door. There are several different ways to buy, depending on your specific situation:

1. Order at retail price

You can easily buy at full retail price. Just call 1-800-956-5695 and give them referral #1178736 (that gives us credit for the sale). You can also order synthetic motor oil online right now if you prefer.

2. Ordering synthetic motor oil at wholesale price

You can become a dealer for only $30 a year (to cover the magazine suscription and other mailings). This entitles you to wholesale pricing when ordering synthetic motor oil - you'll typically save money on a case of oil and two filters.

You also get a fantastic business opportunity. Thhe current IRS rate for travel expenses at $0.485/mile allows you to save real tax dollars by discussing synthetic motor oil products and dealership during your travels. And that's only the beginning of potential tax savings. Of course consult a tax professional for advice on your particular circustances.

The business itself provides great part-time income or a whole new career. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. You receive great support from your upline dealer (us!) and the company itself.

You can call 1-800-777-7094 to sign up as a "preferred customer" for $20 a year to get wholesale pricing, then send in the dealer upgrade paperwork later. This gives you wholesale pricing immediately. Please remember to provide referral #1178736 when calling so that we get credit for your order.

3. Ordering synthetic motor oil as a business for retail resale

As a retail business, you can sell synthetic motor oil to your customers. You can sell the products directly, take advantage of the 7500-mile oil change program, or develop you own product packages for customers ("lifetime coolant changes", "one-year diesel oil changes", etc.).

You get wholesale pricing and make your normal retail markup. We also make sure that you are on our website so that people know where to get synthetic motor oil products. You can see some of the other retailers ordering synthetic motor oil and making their customers very happy.

Contact us for information on becoming a retail account. We can get your account set up for free and determine what products make sense for your customers and your business.

4. Ordering synthetic motor oil for use in your business

If you have a business that could use synthetic motor oil products but not resell them to customers, you may qualify as a commercial account.

Commercial accounts get the best pricing on synthetic motor oil products, but they cannot resell those products under any circumstances.

Contact us for information on becoming a commercial account. We can get your account set up for free and determine what products are right for you.

All products have been designed and made in the USA since 1972. That means the 25,000 mile oil change has been around for over 30 years with an excellent track record. This manufacturer has quality as a number one priority and develops all of its products to assure value is created for their customers. That’s my kind of company.

Upgrading to a good synthetic motor oil is easy. If you are looking to run your engine cooler, smoother, and for a long time you can order synthetic oil and filters online. I know finding the right oil and filter is for your vehicle is difficult enough at the auto parts store and spending a lot of time searching through a website for your specific parts is probably not very appealing.

Let me make it easy for you!

Request a Free Comprehensive Information Package.
You receive catalogs, color brochures, ordering information, parts details, and equipment recommendations shipped immediately and directly to you from licensed Mechanical Engineers at no charge. This is an exclusive opportunity from the largest group of licensed Mechanical Engineer synthetic oil dealers on the web.

Let Us Do The Work For You.
We ship directly to you, so it is convenient, but assembling the initial order can be confusing and time consuming. We make it easy and save you time by providing a list of everything you need for your vehicles and equipment. So please, the more detail you provide on the condition of your vehicles the better the recommendations we can make.

Premium Quality Synthetic Oil and You Receive Premium Service.Our goal is to answer all of your questions and match you with the best products for your vehicles and equipment. We want to provide you prompt high quality service to match the quality of the products we sell. Don’t let this unique opportunity pass to learn about wholesale pricing (25% off). Don't delay, request your free no obligation information package now. We will rush it to your door!

With that you can order and we ship directly to you via UPS (typically within 3 days).

Better yet! Give me a call! Let me know how the weather is outside of Kansas City. No really, I can answer all of your questions in person and help you get the best pricing on the entire product line.

Call anytime! As a Mechanical Engineer I love answering questions and providing prompt high quality service:


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