AMSOIL Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil - Top Performance For Racing Or Recreation

AMSOIL synthetic 2 stroke oil provides superior performance and ultimate protection for 2-cycle applications. Without an oil pan and pump, the 2 cycle motorcycle oil that you mix with the fuel is the only lubrication the engine receives. Probably the most critical service for oil is in a two-stroke engine.

Lubricity – how well oil lubricates – is the critical property for protecting 2-stroke (or 2-cycle - you'll notice that I use both terms a lot) engines. AMSOIL synthetic 2-stroke oils lubricate better than any other 2-stroke oils out there – conventional or synthetic...

This is easily demonstrated on an air-cooled two-stroke engine. Using the oil with the best lubricity will keep the operating temperature lower than other oils: more lubricity = less friction = less heat = lower temperature.

The lubricity of AMSOIL synthetic 2-cycle oils shine through when you run the same air-cooled two-cycle engine on AMSOIL and other oils. Upgrading to AMSOIL synthetic two-cycle oil keeps the engine 10-50°F cooler than other oils – even other synthetic 2 stroke oils!

You may also notice an increase in RPM at idle because of the decrease in friction. This is just another way AMSOIL synthetic 2 stroke oil demonstrates superior lubricity. So what? Better lubrication means more power and less wear...

Another common issue with 2-cycle or 2-stroke engines is deposits. Every revolution in a 2-cycle provides a “power stroke” instead of the 4-cycle’s extra revolution to clear the exhaust.

As a result, 2-cycle engines burn “dirtier” than 4-cycle engines, but they produce about twice as much power for the same engine size. Hence their popularity in motocross racing and other applications where weight really matters.

Synthetic 2-cycle oils will generally leave fewer deposits than conventional 2-cycle oils because they are more stable at higher temperatures.

Synthetic 2-cycle oils are designed, and therefore do not have nearly the deposit-forming contaminants present in conventional 2-cycle oils.

Not all synthetic oils are created equal, though. In laboratory testing AMSOIL synthetic 2 stroke oils have consistently demonstrated significantly fewer deposits than other synthetic or conventional 2 stroke oils. Fewer deposits means more power and more engine uptime.

So AMSOIL synthetic 2-cycle oil allows your engine to operate at peak power (up to 10% more) and protect your motorcycle engine better.

Do you have multiple cans of gas/oil mixtures sitting around the garage for all of your different 2-cycle uses like I used to? For most 2-cycle applications in your garage, AMSOIL has a great 100:1 pre-mix synthetic 2-cycle oil called Saber Professional.

Saber can be mixed 100:1 because it is pure synthetic oil. Most 2-cycle “oils” are already diluted with gas or another solvent, so you have to use more to get even basic lubrication – 50:1, 40:1, 32:1, or even 16:1.

With Saber synthetic 2-cycle oil, you can simplify your life by only having one gas/oil mix in the garage. I’ve found this to be much more convenient than having multiple mixes laying around.

Not only is Saber convenient, but you also realize the same benefits of superior protection and more power. You may notice the engine running at higher RPMs because of the superior lubricity.

I don’t know many people that enjoy inhaling exhaust, especially from 2-cycle engines. While Saber synthetic 2-cycle oil won’t make your exhaust smell like flowers, it will burn cleaner and smoke-free. That’s something you, your kids, and your neighbors can breathe easier about.

AMSOIL is proud to engineer the best synthetic 2 stroke oil out there – the best 2 stroke oil period. In fact, they have been constantly working to improve their synthetic 2-cycle oil since it was first introduced in 1973.

I had the chance to meet some of the guys that develop these products earlier this year, and let me tell you - the AMSOIL guys really have a passion for developing the best products.

AMSOIL recently expanded their synthetic 2 stroke product line from two products to five, to better suit your specific 2-cycle application:

"Dominator" is the top-of-the-line oil for racing. "Interceptor" was specifically designed for power exhaust valve applications - motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, etc. "Saber Professional" is for most garage equipment, scooters, etc. "Saber Outboard" is for pre-mix outboards, and "HP Injector" is for direct injection outboards.

Where can I buy AMSOIL oil  

You can get more details on each of these in the AMSOIL Store. AMSOIL synthetic 2 stroke oils are not “miracle oils” and they are not a “mechanic in a bottle”. They are the simply the best 2 stroke synthetic oils available to provide the best possible performance for 2-cycle engines.

All AMSOIL products have been designed and made in the USA since 1972. AMSOIL has led the industry since their first 2-cycle oil in 1973.

Upgrading to AMSOIL synthetic oil is easy. If you are looking to improve power and protection in your two-cycle engine you can order synthetic oil online here: Order Now Any questions? Need help? Give me a call! As your personal servicing dealer, I can answer all of your questions and help you get the best pricing on the entire AMSOIL product line.


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