AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil 5W30


SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

  • Keeps new engines clean... fortified with advanced detergent and dispersant additives to help prevent sludge deposits and keep your newer (and older) engines clean.
  • Maximizes fuel economy with its uniform molecular structure to reduce friction and further improve energy efficiency so you can save money long term at the gas pump.
  • Reduces engine wear with excellent viscosity film strength to separate metal surfaces and keep your engine running smooth.  PLUS... Robust anti-wear additives further reduce wear in the metal to metal contact areas inside your engine.
  • Prevents Corrosion in your engine by neutralizing acids to keep your engine in the best condition possible.
  • Extended oil change intervals with extended detergent protection so you get additional economy and convenience with fewer oil changes and added protection.

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PROOF #1  If you want to prevent metal to metal contact in your engine then AMSOIL does it the best and here is proof...

The" four ball wear test" is a great way to separate the men from the boys.  This is where the lab will press and spin a metal ball down into three other balls arranged in a triangle. 

The better the oil protects the less damage that happens.

This is similar to a lot of the areas in your engine where there is a metal to metal interface like between a pushrod and a cam shaft or a piston ring and a piston wall.  

The lab does this in a bath of the oil they are testing.  The smaller the wear scar the smaller the number the better the protection is.  So let's have a look at the chart:

As you can see all the way to the left on the chart AMSOIL with the smallest wear scar at 0.35.  This is telling us that AMSOIL does a better job of preventing your cam shaft from scoring and your rod bearings from scrapping themselves. 

The smaller the number is the better the oil protects and AMSOIL stands out in the results with the smallest wear scar.  This is great for protecting your engine from metal to metal contact.

PROOF #2 When your oil breaks down your engine wears out faster... and AMSOIL lasts the longest and here is proof...

An oil is worthless  if it doesn't hold  its lubricating properties after it has been in use in an engine. 

What I mean is if after only 1,000 miles in your engine it is already broken down and is too thin to keep to prevent engine parts from rubbing metal to metal on each other under heavy acceleration... then we have a problem.

On the other hand the oil could have oxidized and become too thick  acting like a completely different viscosity grade oil then the one put in on day one... your engine could be sacrificed. 

The thin film oxygen uptake test in an ASTM test shows how well the oil is going to resist breakdown in the hot acidic environment inside your engine.  The higher the number the better in this test.

Another win for your engine with AMSOIL at the longest duration.  You can see that AMSOIL outperforms a number of other very popular brands by a factor of 2 or more. 

This means your engine will have almost the same protection in 3 months as it had the first day you put the oil in your engine... in fact field experience has shown AMSOIL to provide better protection at one year than most oils do at 2 months of use.

PROOF #3 When fuel burns it creates acids that want to eat your engine from the inside out... AMSOIL provides the strongest and longest protection against acid attack and here is proof...

The movies have done a great job of showing how strong acids will eat through human flesh and burn their way through metal decked floors... though a bit exaggerated in the movies, acids do pose a deadly serious threat to your engine.

They come from burning gasoline or diesel...

So an essential key to an oils ability to protect your engine for the long haul is its capability to neutralize and absorb acids that are produced from burning fuel in the cylinders. 

The TBN number indicates how much acid an oil can take before it runs out neutralizing power to protect your engine from rusting on the inside.  In this test the higher number represents a stronger oil.

As you can see AMSOIL has a very strong TBN number, ranking the highest of all the oil tested, so you can count on AMSOIL for protecting your engine from acid attack and corrosion especially on extended oil change intervals.

AMSOIL is the only company that has published third party test lab data like this and the only company that clearly states how long to use your oil between oil changes covered with an engine warranty.

AMSOIL Was Formulated By Award Winning U.S. Fighter Pilot - Lieutenant Al Amatuzio

AMSOIL was created by the determined efforts of an award winning 25 year U.S. jet fighter pilot... Lieutenant Colonel Al Amatuzio.

He recognized the extreme conditions that synthetic lubricating oils in his fighter jet engines had to endure and sought to bring the same benefits to the automotive engine. 

From 120F desert heat on the Tarmac to negative -47F at 30,000ft altitude (and colder) synthetic oils had already proven themselves superior and essential for the protection of multimillion dollar and powerful jet engines traveling at supersonic speeds.

Lieutenant Colonel Amatuzio trusted his life to these lubricants...

The question the Lieutenant Colonel wanted to tackle was how to get the same protection into his car that he trusted to carry him in his jet beyond the speed of sound while at subzero temperature extremes...

So in 1963 he started to assemble a team of chemists, the foremost experts in the lubricant industry, to adapt the synthetic oil technology from fighter jet engines to automotive and truck engines. 

His intense research and development started in 1963 and the first commercially available synthetic oil came to market in 1966... then by 1972 AMSOIL was the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet the American Petroleum Institute's service requirements and then set all new standards for motor oil quality.

That was almost 40 years ago... and AMSOIL has had the 25,000 mile one year oil change for that long...

AMSOIL was the documented first synthetic motor oil that out performed conventional motor oils on all counts.  In fact, AMSOIL has since defended their title  and won in court the right to call themselves the "first in synthetics".

The same culture of industry experts working together to continue to pioneer and innovate engine oil technology... pushing the envelope every year to continue to create new and improved synthetic oils.

And yes, Lieutenant Colonel Al Amatuzio is still there today demanding excellence from his teams!

Every other major manufacturer has since recognized the superior capabilities of synthetic oils and has brought their own oils to market... but none compare to AMSOIL.

AMSOIL continues to lead the industry with the unique experience and technical know-how to develop new and improved synthetic oils year over year... as all the test results and field tests reveal.

And as engines continue to get lighter and more powerful with new and different alloys AMSOIL continues to improve their oils to stay ahead of the curve...

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil 5W30

5W30 is part of AMSOIL's signature series line of oils which deliver extrodinary lubrication in your gasoline engines for longer engine life and better gas mileage.

Resists Thermal Viscosity Breakdown

AMSOIL resists thermal breakdown because it has a pure synthetic basestock and it is heavily fortified with detergent and dispersant additives.  

This keeps your engine clean inside and helps your engine parts stay cool.

Compatible With The Motor Oil You Are Using Now...

AMSOIL 5W30 synthetic motor oil is excellent for use in gasolin engines and is compatible with other conventional oils and synthetic oils so you don't have to worry about your engine when you change over to AMSOIL.  

It is not recommended to mix AMSOIL with other oils during an oil change because it can reduce the life of the new AMSOIL oil.

Its All In There... No Additional Additives Required

AMSOIL performs best all on its own.  You do not have to add any additional additives because AMSOIL 5W30 has all of the good ones already in it... in fact you could reduce performance by using other additives.  Its good to know you have everything you need in one bottle.

Good For 25,000 Miles or One Year

AMSOIL 5W30 is recommended for extended oil change intervals also called extended drain intervals.  Under normal service the 5W30 oil is good up to 25,000 miles or one year of service, whichever comes first.  

Under severe service like continuous stop and go driving, highly dusty environments, AMSOIL 5W30 is good for 15,000 miles of service or one year, again whichever comes first.  

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