How to Get An Extra Paycheck Every Month Through An MLM Business Opportunity

Most people just stumble into their first mlm business opportunity... drawn in by the allure of big money and free time only available through mlm. The business opportunity presentations make it appear that a multi million dollar business can be created with seemingly little effort.

If you have already been around the block with an mlm business opportunity then you probably realize there is some work involved and you may have also realized how important it is to receive training on business growth methods that really work.

The sad truth is the vast majority of MLMrs never make a penny... hopefully they are enjoying the benefits of their companies products because that is all they are going to get out of it.

Sorry, I may ruffle some feathers here...

Why is this? How can it be that so few people actually make money? Well the techniques that grow an MLM buisness opportunity into a rock solid income you can retire on are not that different from traditional business growth strategies.

Now I know this is not what you have been taught but that in itself is the problem. Chances are you have been trained on the same ineffective techniques that I and millions of others were taught in the beginning of our network marketing careers...

I'm going to guess the first thing you were taught (if you even have an active upline) is to make a list of all your friends and all your family. You were given a little script and a pat on the back and told to call them all and invite them to the next meeting at a local hotel (don't tell what the company is keep it a mystery!). You were trained about the "system" and you have to follow the "system" to have success.

After calling two or three of your good friends you get to experience your first rejections (and being questioned about why you would get involved in something like this). What stinks about this is these are people that you care about and what they think of you is important despite what some upline told you.

With this early rejection from friends and loved ones most people you sponsor into your mlm business opportunity will drop out and quit taking any action. In fact it is common for them to lie about inactivity or even avoid contact with their sponsor.

I used to see this happen over and over and over... and I have to tell you that it wore me out. I finally snapped out of the illusion that this type of sponsoring and training was effective. It is not!

I have been in network marketing for over 6 years now and I finally discovered the secrets to building a solid income from a mlm business opportunity just 2 years ago.

Because of my frustration for the first 4 years I want to give back (and cause I promised my teachers I would).

You can grow any MLM business opportunity using the internet and other tried and tested direct marketing strategies. You don't have to talk to friends and family, you don't have to buy expensive leads and turn yourself into a telemarketer, and you don't ever have to go to a hotel meeting ever again.

I have put together a short video series that cuts to the chase on how to grow an mlm business opportunity at the push of a button. This as my way of giving back.

I'm a lot like you. I have a family I want to spend all the quality time I have with, I have places I want to see and travel to, and I have bills and a retirement that all cost money. That is why I keep building multiple streams of income. I want to pass on to you the same information that finally made my network marketing businesses a success.