How To Generate MLM Leads For FREE With The Internet

6 years ago I joined my first MLM company... and man was I excited. As I started learning how to build a business my upline said to tell the story of the company to as many people as we could and ask if they want to give it a try.

That little bit of advice was my business building platform for the next few years... unfortunatly at the pace my business was growing it was going to take 30 years to retire from my day job.

After trial and error I figured out you have to find a way to talk to a bunch of people in a short amount of time to actually grow a business that will retire you from a regular job.

This lead me to working trade shows. From home shows to county fairs to biker shows. As you might guess by the website you are on some shows have more targeted prospects than others.

By far the biker shows produced more sales than the home shows and the fairs... why? cause one of my highly responsive target markets is Harley and Honda motorcycle owners. Knowing this allowed me to drop all other shows and just work bike shows. Saved me a ton of money and a ton of time by eliminating non interested suspects from my prospecting.

I tell this story to share the importance of looking at the people currently buying your product or joining your opportunity and figure out where to find more of the same people.

I don't work trade shows anymore because the time and money involved with generating leads and sales doesn't come close to what is possible with the internet.

A few years ago I went from working trade shows and other "belly to belly" sales and prospecting methods to working the phone. I basically trained myself on how to be a telemarketer... I got pretty darned good to where I could get 6 to 10 new distributors a month by calling leads I purchased on the internet and using scripts from a couple of top trainers in MLM (Tim Sales and Dani Johnson have good stuff).

The problem with this method was the leads were generic with respect to a given business opportunity. People interested in a business opportunity (work from home) does not mean they are interested in a 25,000 mile one year oil, or vitamins, or skincare specifically.

So for your particular opportunity you are buying a bunch of leads that just don't match what you have to offer. This means you will waste a ton of time sifting through people that were a bad match from the get go.

What I want to convey is that very few women I talked to about a business opportunity were intersted in talking about an opportunity that dealt with engines and motor oil. At first glance very few men wanted to talk much about makeup and skincare.

So I spent a ton of money on generic business leads... had some success recruiting some folks but ended up quiting cause it is difficult to work up the drive to cold call leads day in and day out month after month. I started comparing my MLM business to my Job and started to come to the conclusion that my Job was a better way to get to retirement cause it didn't suck near as bad as cold calling generic MLM leads.

I started to have a hard time recruiting people knowing that for them to be successful they would have to start doing the very thing I started to hate... cold calling generic MLM leads.

Well believe it or not I finally discovered and easy way to generate my own highly targeted leads that are prequalified to be interested in the business opportunity I have to offer.

It is very simple and I have Google to thank for all the great free traffic. Thats right... I generate tons of free targeted leads using natural search engine traffic and it is super simple to do. Not only that I convert these leads into customers and new distributors... in many cases on autopilot.

So here's what you need to do:

Get a google adwords account right now. It is basically free to join and you only pay when you start a PPC campaign. But after you set up an account you get a lot of great keyword research tools for free.

Get a domain name and super cheap web hosting at It's like $7 to register your site name for a year and $7 a month to host a website.

Go to and set up your autoresponder email account. This gives you some easy to use tools to build opt in boxes and build your own personal leads list. This is the most expensive part of the deal for $19 everymonth. There is not a free way to do this an all the services like this cost about $20 per month.

Figure out what your target market, target customer, target business opportunity people are searching for on the web and start building a keyword focused page around their search terms. Treat each keyword phrase as a question and answer their questions.

Look at this website. Most of the pages of this site come up on the first page for the google searched keyword that I wrote the page about. It is really simple to do just very few people know what they are doing on the web.

If you want more detailed training then you can join my free training list and get a bunch of neat videos I have set up for my personal MLM teams (across a number of companies) to help them get online and grow an MLM business on autopilot with MLM leads that they generate.